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03 March 2015 15:42
Best practice for stakeholder engagement during programme recovery
If a programme of change is put into recovery, stakeholders will inevitably play a critical role in getting it back on track. Their commitment and engagement can make the difference between a project or programme’s ultimate success or failure. In order to recover the identity and integrity of a programme, project management need to ensure influential stakeholders use their authority and leadership to clear a path back to successful delivery. Peter Osborne of LOC Consulting examines best practices for effective stakeholder re-engagement when the current approach has failed. - read more
10 February 2015 13:59
UK consulting firms can support EU initiatives
Although many management consultancies offer the illusion of having a global capability, the reality is that skills, as with most organisations, are concentrated and in most cases need to be re-located to ensure an ability to support distributed demand. - read more

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Credit Suisse

In the wake of the financial crisis, regulators globally are implementing new rules governing derivative trading and other financial service transactions. The aim of these new regulations is to improve controls and increase market transparency in the financial markets.

Credit Suisse

LOC is working as part of Credit Suisse’s programme leadership team to ensure the necessary corporate governance and change capability is in place to deliver a successful programme for the bank. Our work helps CS to address the new regulations in a way that allows them to engage with their trading partners compliantly, to intervene in a timely and appropriate manner should issues arise, and to continue to do good business for themselves and their clients. James Keenan, LOC Consulting

Operating in a regulatory environment

Credit Suisse Group ("CS") operates globally through its Investment Banking, and Private Banking & Wealth Management divisions, both of which are affected by several of the new regulations. Implications for CS include compliance with multiple complex regulations, which often have ambiguous requirements and scope, and are occasionally contradictory. Further, the regulations tend to become effective in the same broad timeframe across different product sets and jurisdictions, leading to different impacts for different clients and trading teams around the world.

CS mobilised a global programme to address these compliance requirements, based on a blend of business, IT, legal and compliance, and change expertise. LOC Consulting’s proven track record of delivering complex business change positioned the company ideally to assist CS with this unique challenge.

LOC personnel are deployed in a number of key roles across the global programme, in programme- and change management leadership roles. What started as a delivery role on the programme communications and training workstream quickly led to LOC programme and project managers joining the wider team to adopt senior workstream lead and delivery roles in additional areas.

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