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14 July 2015 13:58
We need to let strategy go...
The pursuit of differentiation in business is a tricky one. Just how tricky was brought home to me when I was travelling on the motorway recently and saw a van for a company with a big advert on the slide claiming ‘innovation in pastry.’ Whilst I am sure the company creates tasty baked treats I am unsure just how innovative it is possible to be with pastry? However, such a claim is a really good example of how words such as ‘innovative’ and ‘strategy’ are frequently bandied about in business with no underpinning justification or basis. - read more
26 June 2015 13:01
Queens 2015!
Many people say that the Tennis at Queens is the official kick-start to a summer of British sporting entertainment and with that in mind, LOC Consulting took their usual box for the semi-finals. - read more

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Post Office Ltd

Recognising the pressing need to make changes, Post Office Limited has embarked on transformation programmes focussing on the digital agenda, the Post Office network and ‘Front Office of Government’ – a key initiative championed by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Post Office LOC Consulting Client

The Front Office of Government programme’s objective is to position Post Office as the natural gateway for the public to access local and national government services.   Post Office branches provide an unrivalled, trusted way to reach people and using Post Office branches to deliver services such as applications and payments can unlock significant savings for councils, government departments and other public agencies.  The success of this programme will be critical in helping the Post Office to drive revenue growth, address the digital agenda and move towards its long-term goal of financial stability and mutual ownership.

With public tenders for front office services open to private firms, LOC Consulting was engaged by the Post Office to provide strategic guidance and manage the complexities of the bid process within the Local Government sector and the Identity Assurance proposition space. This included developing a competitive price/solution combination, managing multiple suppliers and ensuring delivery of successful tenders.

With LOC Consulting’s support, Post Office Limited’s Government Services team has secured several new contracts and crucially won a framework contract that makes it easier for local authorities within London boroughs to use the Post Office for front office services. It has also created a documented roadmap and strategy for identity assurance services, which form a key pillar of future cross-government services.

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