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Capabilities / Delivery Execution

Business Analysis

Rigorous business analysis pinpoints areas where improvements to processes and working practices can be made. This focus enables the realisation of reduced operating costs and maximises the use of resources whilst providing a route to achieving an enhanced level of customer service.

LOC Consulting

Clarity of Purpose

LOC Business Analysts work jointly with our clients to define business and technical requirements as well as defining the transition from analysis into schedules of action. This is based on our proven methodology, ensuring clients' expectations and requirements are documented and a clear vision of planned initiatives to achieve them is in place. LOC Consulting particularly excels in developing business cases and analysis of business benefits.

In summary, LOC Consulting provides the following business analysis services:

  • Requirements Definition – Business requirements are the measurable statement of intent about a planned business change. LOC Consulting works to identify the drivers for change and documents the business requirements to enable agreement by stakeholders across the board
  • Stakeholder Management – A successful project requires business stakeholders to agree to the project objectives and give their commitment and support to the outcomes. LOC Consulting works with all project stakeholders to ensure their input to key decisions is maintained
  • Change Control – When a change to agreed business requirements is proposed and that change impacts the project cost or timescales, LOC Consulting implements and manages the change control procedure. This process reduces the likelihood of unexpected additional cost and keeps the project on track

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