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14 July 2015 13:58
We need to let strategy go...
The pursuit of differentiation in business is a tricky one. Just how tricky was brought home to me when I was travelling on the motorway recently and saw a van for a company with a big advert on the slide claiming ‘innovation in pastry.’ Whilst I am sure the company creates tasty baked treats I am unsure just how innovative it is possible to be with pastry? However, such a claim is a really good example of how words such as ‘innovative’ and ‘strategy’ are frequently bandied about in business with no underpinning justification or basis. - read more
26 June 2015 13:01
Queens 2015!
Many people say that the Tennis at Queens is the official kick-start to a summer of British sporting entertainment and with that in mind, LOC Consulting took their usual box for the semi-finals. - read more

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Credit Suisse
In the wake of the financial crisis, regulators globally are implementing new rules governing - read more

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